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  • A Void Within

    Looking around the confined room To as long as the eyes can see A desperation that sadly looms Hating the person I am to be. Sitting in the midst of the suffocating room. All I hear is that dreadful sound Of screams, laughter, and joyful cahoots Arousing the need to cry aloud. She bats her lashes at the words you speak Giggles and grins, looking humble and meek While you gaze back at her with adoring eyes Each sensual look gutting me deep inside. Her dainty body stands by you Her slender arms are grasping you With possessiveness that knows no bounds Achingly it is my mind it hounds. There he stands, all proud and strong. With her cuddled in his arms, a place I belong, With eyes of charcoal that pull you in so deep Thoughts of them make me lose sleep. The pain within burns so deep Making me wish you were mine to keep If only we had things our way I'd never have to see this day. The closeness that you share Makes my heart cry with despair Wishing I had the strength To do anything but stare. With all these intense, harrowing feels Makes me want to lay and weep, And crawl into darkened depths A place where I can seek solace. The look of desire on your face Makes it excruciating to take Wishing I had the power to let it go Dreading to make that choice more so. An achy heart and hollow chest. When you two enjoy intimate talks and jest. Showcasing a bond beyond perfect. Building a void within myself. I close my eyes, paste a smile Ignoring the painful sight. Dreaming of warm and fuzzy times, In which I could call you mine. © 2020 Michelle Almeida

  • Fresher Phase!

    2019 was a year divided into three segments. A phase of intense pressure and inner turmoil, a period of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, and then the last bit of both aspects while diving into a whole new chapter of life. Time in university has been an adventure so far. Albeit the nervousness, I’m expecting a lot more escapades over the next few years. Each student doing their best to pave their own way through those abundant and endless routes, making the most out of their years. No matter what route you decide to take, you will somehow end up tackling through some of the hindrances before you enter a smoother path. Living alone for the first time was difficult. Far from home, far from family, my friends. There is no one to call for you, no one to see if you're awake or asleep, no one whom you can trust wholeheartedly. I thought it would get easier over time. Instead, it just became easier to accept the challenges of living with people you have no idea about. But that's a whole different and long story...... for next time😉. These past three months have been a life-altering time frame. There were things I learned that makes me want to either scream into a pillow or revel in those revelations. I made some new friends and lost some as well😔. Experimented with many new ventures and activities, and had to deal with a ton of craziness! Coming back home was a total breather from all the frenzy...I guess that would be the right term to describe it. I had three laptops changed in less than 4 months, and as a student, let me tell you it's NOT easy surviving without one, I had to cook my own meals and clean after it as well. Learned how to grocery shop and learned just how annoying it can be when you don't get everything in one store. And shockingly enough, I also discovered just how much I LOATHE packing. Nothing stresses you out more than thinking about whether or not you've exceeded your baggage allowances. On the plus side, my organization and compartmentalization skills have sharpened twice as much, I’ve mastered the art of multitasking and online shopping. I've come to realize my addiction to ‘Coke Zero’ or ‘Pepsi Max.’ But most importantly, I've learned to never take for granted the amount of work your parents do for you. A refreshing month and a half break later of catching up on movies and shows, glaring at my unopened textbooks while submitting my essay😉, after spending a good Christmas and New Year with my family, pets, and friends, and after postponing my tickets a couple of times, I guess it’s...finally, time to go back and get ready for another round of challenges and enjoyment. To all those who are also beginning university once again, I wish you good luck.♥️

  • Father's Day Tribute❣️

    Cuddled within the warm embrace Looking up to the proud grin The chubby cheeks of the infant Blushes and glows at sight above her. The short and joyous walks with him by my side My tiny body struggling to stand beside About to trip but immediately grasped  Within my father’s warm and loving palms. I’ll always catch you, my darling daughter He whispers to my now downcast face Giving his palm, he clutches my trembling hands And once again, helps me rise. Risen from the depths of failure to the heights of success Only one man stood beside me Daring me to give up But knowing that I won’t. A leader, a guardian, a shoulder A man ever ready to lend an ear Always able to seek comfort through his gentle strength  In times of greatness or distress. The humble man goes above and beyond  Showering us with the fruits of his labor  Not once excepting A return to his generous favor. The jokes and laughs we share Over most bizarre ideas, with no care Snickering and bickering whenever the chance And creating memories to last forever. A doting dedicated father To his mischievous daughters There is not enough gratitude to express To the man who does nothing less. For the forthcoming years to come through It’ll be an honor to celebrate a day Just for you. Happy Fathers Day, Dad!♥️ Open document settings Open publish panel Document

  • The joy of shopping

    ........................ During SALE!!!!!!! (Breathing out a deep sigh of content) That moment of temporary happiness blooms within you when you come across the bright crimson text that screams "SALE" on a white banner. Shopping is a pleasure. To waltz down the wide expanses of a mall or a street, surveying the artfully decorated mannequins, painting drafts of how some of the pieces would look on you. A potent sense of thrill passes through you on entering a store. The smell of fresh fabric, the stimulating colors and the sales staff greeting you with Cheshire grin on the anticipation of a prospective purchase. It's simply just fun! The colors, the patterns, the styles, the intense rummaging through the racks and the glow of happiness that spreads across your skin when that figure-hugging dress fits you like a glove or those stylish strappy heels flatter your legs and shows off those sleek ankles. It's an exhilarating feeling Now throw in a 'SALE'. Those overly priced, luxurious brands slashing down their prices making all those great stuff a tiny bit more affordable. Lets's face it, sales don't generously bring down prices and even of they do, they are not always on the good stuff. However, keeping aside, if it's your lucky day and......most of the time it is, the euphoria jumps up a couple more notches. The only thing that I hate when shopping during the sales, is when you make that elated purchase of that ridiculously overpriced high ended perfume bottle at a comparatively affordable price and exit the store with a mortifying expression and bag that screams 'sale' across it. I get it, you want to declare to the world that you, a well known high ended brand, are selling your wares at a discounted price and that will help you get more customers. And don't even get me started on those hideous 'sale' banners that they drape so proudly across their stores. To me, that says you're stores not doing well so it's time to reduce the prices and please buy my stuff. Not that I'm complaining. I believe that the whole point of sale is to show people that you can afford that expensive outfit at (even if it's at a cheaper price) and enjoy the envious look that each passerby throws at you. So why not continue with the bags and store the way it is sans the word 'SALE'!! It's a win-win for both of us 🤑. It sounds unfair, I know but there are so many other ways of notifying people, the internet, text message, social media cause let's be honest, no one moves around without their phone five feet away from them. Better yet, let the staff inform us the minute you walk in. They do enjoy promoting their stores' goods a LOT. Euphoria skyrockets several more notches when you hear of an unexpected sale. It makes the shopping trip way more worthwhile. Regardless of the cons of shopping during a sale, making those purchases with a discount can be truly satisfying that leaves you exiting the store with a blissful smile. And the best part, you stay well within your budget. 😉 Happy shopping everyone and I hope you enjoyed reading this piece.


    I try so hard, very hard! I work hard to make people see who I really am, I work hard to make myself as interesting as possible, But somehow it just doesn’t work! I feel like a toy, used, ignored, And very soon forgotten. I try to be social, to be seen, But why is it that I am still ignored?! Is it my looks? Am I not pretty enough? Is it my humor? Am I not funny enough? Don’t worry! I’ve found another way to be accepted into your impenetrable circle. Back home, I created this profile where I can be whoever I want to be! I can be cute, I sound funny, I even look pretty! I give people a chance to read what they want about me. I use this profile as a new identity for my already existing dry one. But I have hope. An original one. I hope that every one of you see me one day, not of the information I feed online, I hope that you find beauty in my flawed personality, I hope that you know me not of the information I feed online, but the real me. The me who I want people to know. But most of all….. I wish that we can learn to accept and acknowledge those who are of a different hue, and definitely not just by a request we get online.

  • Empathy Visualized

    This experiment done at a summer programme helped me understand the emotions of those unfortunate people who aren’t as blessed as us. We are lucky to be bestowed with the gift of sight, the gift of aural faculty, the gift of touch and a whole lot more. In this very experiment, we were made to blindfold ourselves, and live in the dominion of blindness for a day. Our only source of dependence was primarily on sound; the instructions provided by people walking around us and the furniture to aid us through our journey between classes. The tasks which were once a simple piece of work now became infuriatingly complex. For those who did not have the vital quality of patience, faced an awfully tough time in performing any work without snapping at anyone in front of them. In the beginning, it felt surreal. We couldn't really label the emotions we were feeling. We were enclosed in a pit of darkness; hesitant to walk the next step, there was the anxiety of stepping into something or not stepping into anything at all, bumping into something or someone. At this point, all other sense organs, except our precious gift of sight, were highly stimulated. As the day progressed, we reached a state where we felt immense feelings of isolation, fear, and desperation. We didn’t know what was happening!. Groans of frustration emitted from all of us. Cries for help from one another were begged for. We felt impotent, powerless and who knows what else and this was just for a mere eight hours. The experiment was remarkably compelling and thought-provoking. We were delved into a faction of society where people have lived deprived of an important feature of the human sense organs. Imagine not being able to see color! To have darkness all around us not just for a day but for eternity. Those visually impaired people don’t have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of color. They have to go through the hardships of life where they have to visualize scenes around them. They have to work each day without seeing the precious growth of life around them. While at the end of the day we got to rip off the offending piece of cloth which blocked our sight, these dauntless, visually challenged individuals have to survive each day without having the gift.

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