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Under Eye Patches and Masks: The trick to de-puff eye bags

You probably would have come across a beauty routine video of a celebrity filling in the viewers of their morning routine whilst sporting two stickers below their eyes.

Produced by luxury brands like Chanel to drugstore labels like Garnier, under-eye patches have become a skincare staple for quite some time now.

What are under-eye patches? Simply put, they are masks designed just for the delicate skin on the hollows of your eyes to cool the puffiness and reduce the bags, rejuvenate and brighten the skin that help make yourself look like you’ve not been pulling an all-nighter in the past few days.

If you’ve ever tried them, you probably have an idea of just how hydrating it can be to pop a pair over your eye-bags on while you go about sipping your coffee and prepping for the day.

For those who want to learn a bit more, these are some of my favourite under-eye patches that can give you an idea on how to purchase products that suit you:

Milk Makeup Cooling Under-Eye Patches: These are by far the best masks I’ve used, but at the same time, the Dhs105 price seems a lot given that it’s just six patches. Since, it is a recognised brand the price could be justified, and I would urge the splurge if your budget allows it.

Enriched with caffeine ( that's what compelled me to make the purchase🙈) to de-puff and seawater to sooth and calm, fifteen minutes after applying these eye patches, you can actually see the difference from the dull and tired eyes you had on.

However, as these are comparatively pricey, I would recommend using these patches for major events- when getting ready for an interview, going out for a party/ date or when you desperately need a cooling and de-puff fix in the morning.

Tip: Cool these in the fridge the night before a big day, and you’ll see just how crisp and cooling the effect is once you’ve popped them on in the morning.

Pixi- FortifiEYE and DetoxifEYE: Pixi is one of my favourite brands for getting quality, quantity at a budget- something that my student bank can really benefit from. 30 pairs for Dhs88 is a reasonable price, especially since these tubs last me a good 2-3 months.

As these are hydrogel patches, they stick on well, and they feel much cooler than the sheet patches. Within 15-20 minutes (I keep them on longer if I have the time), you can actually see your eye bags and puffiness reducedand the skin around your eyes literally looks lifted.

What makes me buy this repeatedly is their packaging. It comes with a little spoon to scoop out the patches hygienically and since they are packed in a pretty tight container, you don’t have to worry about refrigerating them. Just keep them in your drawer or someplace cool.

Garnier SkinActive Orange Juice Hydrating Eye Tissue Mask: A lot more affordable (Dhs 9.90) and easy to carry around while on the go. They work similar to the Pixi eye patches, with the only downfall being- they are sheet patches that tend to stretch and droop when applying.

That aside, as it has Vitamin-C and hyaluronic acid, making your skin brighter and hydrated in just 20minutes.

This is perfect for those who want to use eye patches but don't see the need to spend an obscene amount of your earnings on them.

As I spend majority of my time on my laptop, I pop these on while I'm working late to cool the eye strains and as a bonus they make the skin look refreshed and brighter too.

There’s a range of eye patch brands out there that are reasonably priced to suit all budgets- and most of them will probably get you your money’s worth.

The next time you walk to school (slip on a pair of sunglasses if you’re conscious), hop on a flight or even plan to spend a late night at your library, consider popping on a pair of patches to experiment and see what works for you!

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