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The joy of shopping

Updated: May 28

........................ During SALE!!!!!!! (Breathing out a deep sigh of content)

That moment of temporary happiness blooms within you when you come across the bright crimson text that screams "SALE" on a white banner.

Shopping is a pleasure. To waltz down the wide expanses of a mall or a street, surveying the artfully decorated mannequins, painting drafts of how some of the pieces would look on you. A potent sense of thrill passes through you on entering a store. The smell of fresh fabric, the stimulating colors and the sales staff greeting you with Cheshire grin on the anticipation of a prospective purchase. It's simply just fun!

The colors, the patterns, the styles, the intense rummaging through the racks and the glow of happiness that spreads across your skin when that figure-hugging dress fits you like a glove or those stylish strappy heels flatter your legs and shows off those sleek ankles. It's an exhilarating feeling

Now throw in a 'SALE'. Those overly priced, luxurious brands slashing down their prices making all those great stuff a tiny bit more affordable. Lets's face it, sales don't generously bring down prices and even of they do, they are not always on the good stuff. However, keeping aside, if it's your lucky day and......most of the time it is, the euphoria jumps up a couple more notches.

The only thing that I hate when shopping during the sales, is when you make that elated purchase of that ridiculously overpriced high ended perfume bottle at a comparatively affordable price and exit the store with a mortifying expression and bag that screams 'sale' across it. I get it, you want to declare to the world that you, a well known high ended brand, are selling your wares at a discounted price and that will help you get more customers. And don't even get me started on those hideous 'sale' banners that they drape so proudly across their stores. To me, that says you're stores not doing well so it's time to reduce the prices and please buy my stuff. Not that I'm complaining.

I believe that the whole point of sale is to show people that you can afford that expensive outfit at (even if it's at a cheaper price) and enjoy the envious look that each passerby throws at you. So why not continue with the bags and store the way it is sans the word 'SALE'!! It's a win-win for both of us 🤑.

It sounds unfair, I know but there are so many other ways of notifying people, the internet, text message, social media cause let's be honest, no one moves around without their phone five feet away from them. Better yet, let the staff inform us the minute you walk in. They do enjoy promoting their stores' goods a LOT. Euphoria skyrockets several more notches when you hear of an unexpected sale. It makes the shopping trip way more worthwhile.

Regardless of the cons of shopping during a sale, making those purchases with a discount can be truly satisfying that leaves you exiting the store with a blissful smile. And the best part, you stay well within your budget. 😉 Happy shopping everyone and I hope you enjoyed reading this piece.

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