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The figure in front.....

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I stare at the figure in front of me

Eyes rake down with hateful scrutiny

Following the ridges and sickening curves

Believing it to be nothing but a curse

The gutted glances and repulsive remarks

That society bestows upon us without a thought

That fills her with a burning shame

That leaves scars behind from the hateful pain.

The ashamed girl in front grabs the protruding skin.

A reflection of what’s broken within

Mirroring the thoughts that continuously swirl

Where she wonders if a day will ever arrive

Where she has to give up the fight

And empty it all into a hole.

With baggy clothing that shrouds the body

To protect herself from any more misery

But the words she hears clings to the heart

That cracks her sanity eternally ripping her apart

The glint from the glass shines with mirth,

And the girl in front relentlessly judges her worth.,

For a moment, the anguish within forgotten,

In its place, hope and satisfaction spread.

Visions flash before her

Of a life that makes her ponder

Will she ever be accepted for what she appears to be

Or will she always just be a mockery

For the merciless society

For all those who fail to see

It’s not just the weight on us we have to battle

But also your constant gaze and tattles

That does nothing but belittle

Reflecting from the slab of glass

Is the goal that she has,

That one day she’ll look at herself

And a proud smile will light up her face.

Where she’ll gaze at herself with awe and content

And avoid negativity with contempt.

Where she’ll stride around in confidence

And won’t bow down to your arrogance.

Until then, she has a journey to go,

Where she’ll endure curves and bumps

That’ll hinder her spirit and make her slump.

But what matters is her effort and inner strength.

To continue along the rightful path and avoid your demeaning torments.

So society do us all a little favor,

And let us continue to endeavor.

Without your unwavering scrutiny

Without your unnecessary crudity

Leave us to ourselves, for we know what is best.

Each humiliating word may strike us, but we’ve learned to take it all in jest.

Stop whirling in your endless stigmas.

And overlook the flaws and shame.

For there is more to a person

Than what appears in front of the glassy frame.


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