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Updated: Jul 6

Lying on the creaking old bed With a scrunched face and hands aside Exhaustion has me crippling inside Eyes shut, basking the pain A lone tear slips and leaves a trail. There's nothing around me. That bounds and confines me, Only the air and wall surrounding, A friendship now growing.

Yet, there's no room to escape To let loose and run away From all the madness and fear Instilled in us by events unclear. I want to go out and feel the sun, but I'm locked, by a sickening curse, By the rules of nations

And your foolish decisions

I want to see the light and stare into space Feel the crisp, fresh air kiss my face The mere thought of people around me Oh, how glad and thrilled I will be. I want comfort, I want luxury. No materials, just family I want sleep, a dreamless one To wake up without a scream or a frown Make every day a meaningful one Crack a smile at the burst of dawn For you're favored another day Don't cry and waste it away. Count your blessings they said, But all we did was show ignorance Now we need to pay a price And pray, it's not our demise.

- Michelle Almeida ♥️

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