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It's Time.....

Leaving Dubai was one of the hardest things to do. The place where I was born and brought up, the place where I had everything delivered to me on my fingertips and the place where I was attached to the hip of my family. Now, after arriving in the United Kingdom, my whole life has taken a massive shift. I've dreamt of venturing out on my own since forever, but the reality of the change slaps you hard, only when you face it. The level of freedom can never outdo the one at home when you lived under the comfortable protection of your parents' home.

Being accepted into the University of Sheffield was a goal finally put to reality. After the intense academic struggles having gone through in school, it's a joy to see those efforts result in success that was once just a vision. It was exciting just talking about going to 'uni,' obsessing over Pinterest for dorm room ideas EVERY SINGLE DAY! and making endless lists on what societies and clubs to join.

It was a heartbreaking last few weeks of my long, lazy six-month break, leading to my departure from my childhood home. The realization was just sinking in then, that I wouldn't come home to my family for the next two months. I wouldn't come back home to my mom going crazy in the kitchen or my dad laying on the couch with the television switched on a loud volume while he continued to play on his phone. That I wouldn't come back home thinking of a reason to fight with my sister or seeing my dog chase my cat around the house. It would take two long months before I finally get to have this again. Two months sounds like a long time that will pass by soon. But, now that I am at university, I can tell you, two months, feels miles away. least we have skype😉 The most painful moment was when my dad dropped my mum and me to the airport. I had never been as anxious as I was during those final moments. It was painful to keep pulling back those tears. Throughout the journey to and through the airport, all that I could think of was the massive change that would take place in the next eight hours. The thoughts were endless; will I make friends? Will I fit in? Is my new room clean? Will I be able to manage home and school work? Will I enjoy my course? And it went on!

Arriving at the university thrust me into a new facet of life. It was euphoric finally being a part of someplace new. I, now had my blank canvas, the one I dreamed of since tenth grade. A chance to finally discover me without the boundaries of judgment clouding my vision. And to finally educate myself in something that I actually like!

Unlike back in high school, which was just a toxic place enclosed with the unhealthy competition, social isolation, and wounding labels that ensured your recurrent trips to the counselor. The next three years are the years I want to remember, and the best part of it is that you get to decide what you want to do and what makes you happy.

All in all, the next two months are going to a cocktail of adventures and intense anticipation. And I hope my drink is swirled with ingredients that I will enjoy for the rest of my life. And to everyone out there embarking on this new journey... Good Luck😉

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