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Updated: May 29

Entered into my life with charming audacity

Coaxing sweet nothings one couldn’t possibly deny

Gentle nudges with ever-growing persistence

A somebody who happened to glance at my existence.

A fresh face sported a lasting blush

Hearing words that are of necessary hush

Thrusting an innocent mind into a world so wild

Gone is the naivety that was once held on so tight.

Eyes scroll eagerly across the words you’ve expressed

Lips curl up with a knowing smile, so faint

Heart thumps with a pounding joy so true

The mind hoping to soon unite with you.

Then comes along a cruel twist of fate

The bubble around pops and leaves me desolate

Everything halts and trickles away

The genuine smile once etched onto my face

Washed off by the tears that left its trail.

A conflicted mind, a confounded heart

A burning will to just stay apart

Willful struggles to get through this ache

The impending choice leaving the soul in despair.

Forbidden words that long to bleed through sealed lips

Desperately clenched fists and punctured palms

To stop me from succumbing to your charms

The stinging burn screams at me to stay away.

The need to hear your voice so strong

To know if you’ve been thinking of me all along

The longing hope I have to be considered

Solely in my memories it exists in despondence.

Those agonising tears that drop in distress

At the ease at which you can show ignorance

Blessing me the chance to forget and reset

Fooling myself into believing I could actually feign neglect.

And then you leave me hanging by a thread

To run back to you whenever you expect

The infatuated pull struggles to fade away

Crying prayers that I never have to go through this again.

My destructive mind pleading you to stay away

The stubborn in me refuses to say it to your face.

How, I covet the life before my world revolved around you

But I’m thankful you taught me that this was all too good to be true.

©Michelle Almeida

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