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Father's Day Tribute❣️

Updated: Aug 19

Cuddled within the warm embrace Looking up to the proud grin The chubby cheeks of the infant Blushes and glows at sight above her.

The short and joyous walks with him by my side My tiny body struggling to stand beside About to trip but immediately grasped  Within my father’s warm and loving palms.

I’ll always catch you, my darling daughter He whispers to my now downcast face Giving his palm, he clutches my trembling hands And once again, helps me rise.

Risen from the depths of failure to the heights of success Only one man stood beside me Daring me to give up But knowing that I won’t.

A leader, a guardian, a shoulder A man ever ready to lend an ear Always able to seek comfort through his gentle strength  In times of greatness or distress.

The humble man goes above and beyond  Showering us with the fruits of his labor  Not once excepting A return to his generous favor.

The jokes and laughs we share Over most bizarre ideas, with no care Snickering and bickering whenever the chance And creating memories to last forever.

A doting dedicated father To his mischievous daughters There is not enough gratitude to express To the man who does nothing less.

For the forthcoming years to come through It’ll be an honor to celebrate a day Just for you.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!♥️ Open document settings Open publish panel

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