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Happy Birthday Mom!!!♥️

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Embraced within the love she offers

Snuggled within the warm comfort

Whispering and sharing witty banters

Cherishing that nothing can come between us

Sitting and chatting like depraved friends

Scheming and conspiring as bored confidants

Knowing there’s no one we trust more than each other

Giggling and snickering at the world around us

My best friend, my guidance, my mom so dear

So far away, but in my heart so near

Every ready to help through strife

Ever ready to help with a smile

Cheeky grins and angry glares

The many ways you show you care

Through my falls and lows, you’re always there beside me

Pulling me up and dusting away my insecurities

The devoted mother works endlessly

Sacrificing on life’s luxuries

To spend time with her daft daughters

Creating memories that are much sought after

The mother who works so tirelessly

Ensuring to meet our every need

To the one person we just can’t thank enough

Hoping the love we have for her works

Oh, loving mom, so strong of character

It’s ever an honour to celebrate this day with a cheer

There are no words to describe the love we have for you

But hope the little things we do make through

On this auspicious day mommy ♥️

I just want to say gladly

It’s a privilege to have you as my mother

And I would not have it any other

It’s a joy to celebrate this day

To express our gratitude and our respect

I’m glad I get to wish you a Happy Birthday

To another successful year

To another older you!😝

Happy Birthday and Love you mom🥰😘

Love MishMel &Dad♥️

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