Fresher Phase!

2019 was a year divided into three segments. A phase of intense pressure and inner turmoil, a period of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, and then the last bit of both aspects while diving into a whole new chapter of life. 

Time in university has been an adventure so far. Albeit the nervousness, I’m expecting a lot more escapades over the next few years. Each student doing their best to pave their own way through those abundant and endless routes, making the most out of their years. No matter what route you decide to take, you will somehow end up tackling through some of the hindrances before you enter a smoother path.

Living alone for the first time was difficult. Far from home, far from family, my friends. There is no one to call for you, no one to see if you're awake or asleep, no one whom you can trust wholeheartedly. I thought it would get easier over time. Instead, it just became easier to accept the challenges of living with people you have no idea about. But that's a whole different and long story...... for next time😉. 

These past three months have been a life-altering time frame. There were things I learned that makes me want to either scream into a pillow or revel in those revelations. I made some new friends and lost some as well😔. Experimented with many new ventures and activities, and had to deal with a ton of craziness!

Coming back home was a total breather from all the frenzy...I guess that would be the right term to describe it. I had three laptops changed in less than 4 months, and as a student, let me tell you it's NOT easy surviving without one, I had to cook my own meals and clean after it as well. Learned how to grocery shop and learned just how annoying it can be when you don't get everything in one store. And shockingly enough, I also discovered just how much I LOATHE packing. Nothing stresses you out more than thinking about whether or not you've exceeded your baggage allowances.

On the plus side, my organization and compartmentalization skills have sharpened twice as much, I’ve mastered the art of multitasking and online shopping. I've come to realize my addiction to ‘Coke Zero’ or ‘Pepsi Max.’ But most importantly, I've learned to never take for granted the amount of work your parents do for you.

A refreshing month and a half break later of catching up on movies and shows, glaring at my unopened textbooks while submitting my essay😉, after spending a good Christmas and New Year with my family, pets, and friends, and after postponing my tickets a couple of times, I guess it’s...finally, time to go back and get ready for another round of challenges and enjoyment.

To all those who are also beginning university once again, I wish you good luck.♥️

About Me!

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I'm Michelle😊 A journalism student, content creator, and a sucker for aesthetics! I have written for several magazines, blogs, and papers and have launched my own website to share my love for cosmetics, food, travel, and lifestyles.😇

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