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A Void Within

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Looking around the confined room To as long as the eyes can see A desperation that sadly looms Hating the person I am to be.

Sitting in the midst of the suffocating room. All I hear is that dreadful sound Of screams, laughter, and joyful cahoots Arousing the need to cry aloud.

She bats her lashes at the words you speak Giggles and grins, looking humble and meek While you gaze back at her with adoring eyes Each sensual look gutting me deep inside.

Her dainty body stands by you Her slender arms are grasping you With possessiveness that knows no bounds Achingly it is my mind it hounds.

There he stands, all proud and strong. With her cuddled in his arms, a place I belong, With eyes of charcoal that pull you in so deep Thoughts of them make me lose sleep.

The pain within burns so deep Making me wish you were mine to keep If only we had things our way I'd never have to see this day.

The closeness that you share Makes my heart cry with despair Wishing I had the strength To do anything but stare.

With all these intense, harrowing feels Makes me want to lay and weep, And crawl into darkened depths A place where I can seek solace.

The look of desire on your face Makes it excruciating to take Wishing I had the power to let it go Dreading to make that choice more so.

An achy heart and hollow chest. When you two enjoy intimate talks and jest. Showcasing a bond beyond perfect. Building a void within myself.

I close my eyes, paste a smile Ignoring the painful sight. Dreaming of warm and fuzzy times, In which I could call you mine.

© 2020 Michelle Almeida

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