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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I try so hard, very hard!

I work hard to make people see who I really am,

I work hard to make myself as interesting as possible,

But somehow it just doesn’t work!

I feel like a toy,



And very soon forgotten.

I try to be social,

to be seen,

But why is it that I am still ignored?!

Is it my looks? Am I not pretty enough?

Is it my humor? Am I not funny enough?

Don’t worry! I’ve found another way to be accepted into your impenetrable circle.

Back home, I created this profile where I can be whoever I want to be!

I can be cute, I sound funny, I even look pretty!

I give people a chance to read what they want about me.

I use this profile as a new identity for my already existing dry one.

But I have hope. An original one.

I hope that every one of you see me one day, not of the information I feed online,

I hope that you find beauty in my flawed personality,

I hope that you know me not of the information I feed online, but the real me.

The me who I want people to know.

But most of all…..

I wish that we can learn to accept and acknowledge those who are of a different hue,

and definitely not just by a request we get online.

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